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  • The reasons that affect rubber scorching

    Rubber scorching is a type of advanced vulcanization behavior, which refers to the phenomenon of early vulcanization that occurs in various processes before vulcanization (rubber refining, rubber storage, extrusion, rolling, forming). Therefore, it can also be called early vulcanization. Rubber s...
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  • Solution to Rubber Pollution Mold

    Solution to Rubber Pollution Mold

    Cause analysis 1. The mold material is not corrosion-resistant 2. Improper smoothness of the mold 3. During the rubber bridge construction process, acidic substances that corrode the mold are released 4. Substances w...
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  • The processing flow and common problems of rubber

    1. Plastic refining Definition of plasticization: The phenomenon in which rubber changes from an elastic substance to a plastic substance under the influence of external factors is called plasticization (1) Purpose of Refining a. Enable the raw rubber to achieve a certain degree of plasticity, su...
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  • Rubber processing 38 questions, coordination and processing

    Rubber processing Q&A   Why does rubber need to be molded The purpose of rubber plasticization is to shorten the large molecular chains of rubber under mechanical, thermal, chemical and other actions, causing the rubber to temporarily lose its elasticity and increase its plasticity, in...
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  • Characteristics and performance table of Nitrile Rubber

    Detailed explanation of the characteristics of nitrile rubber Nitrile rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile, and its combined acrylonitrile content has a significant impact on its mechanical properties, adhesive properties, and heat resistance. In terms of the characteristics of bu...
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  • The tensile performance test of vulcanized rubber includes the following items

    The tensile properties of rubber Testing of tensile properties of vulcanized rubber Any rubber product is used under certain external force conditions, so it is required that rubber should have certain physical and mechanical properties, and the most obvious performance is tensile performance. Wh...
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  • The characteristics and widespread application of rubber shock absorption products!

    The characteristics and widespread application of rubber shock absorption products!

    The characteristics and widespread application of rubber shock absorption products The characteristic of rubber is that it has both high elasticity and high viscosity. Its elasticity is generated by the conformational changes of curled molecules, and the interactions between rubber molecules can ...
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  • Rubber formula design: basic formula, performance formula, and practical formula.

    According to the main purpose of designing rubber formulas, formulas can be divided into basic formulas, performance formulas, and practical formulas. 1、 Basic formula Basic formula, also known as standard formula, is generally designed for the purpose of identifying raw rubber and additives. Wh...
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  • Some basic characteristics of rubber

    1. Reflecting rubber like elasticity Rubber is different from the elastic energy reflected by the longitudinal elastic coefficient (Young’s modulus). It refers to the so-called “rubber elasticity” that can be restored even for hundreds of percent of deformation based on the entr...
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  • The functions of rubber antioxidant TMQ(RD) in rubber

    The main functions of rubber antioxidant TMQ(RD) in rubber include: Protection against thermal and oxygen aging: The rubber antioxidant TMQ(RD) has excellent protective effects against aging caused by heat and oxygen. Protective metal catalytic oxidation: It has a stro...
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  • Development status of rubber antioxidants industry in 2023: Sales volume in the Asia Pacific region accounts for half of the global market share

    Production and sales situation of rubber antioxidant market Rubber antioxidants is a chemical mainly used for antioxidants treatment of rubber products. Rubber products are susceptible to environmental factors such as oxygen, heat, ultraviolet radiation, and ozone during long-term use, leading to...
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  • News of China’s Rubber Additives Industry in 2022

    1.China’s rubber additive industry has been established for 70 years 70 years ago, in 1952, Shenyang Xinsheng Chemical Plant and Nanjing Chemical Plant respectively built rubber accelerator and rubber antioxidant production units, with a total output of 38 tons in the year, and China’...
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